Hi, I’m Candi!

I am a busy, working mom of four kids. I started doing freezer meals 20 years ago now in a moment of sheer desperation because I could never seem to get dinner on the table regularly and we were spending way too much money on fast food.

I’ve learned a LOT about freezer meals over the last 20 years!

My goal here is to make freezer meals more approachable for every household and every situation, and to share with you what I have learned over the years.  After trying just about every various method out there, I firmly believe that here is no one “right way” to do freezer meals – the right way is whatever way works for you and your household and best meets your needs!  

I hope this will be a place where you can find the information and support you need to be successful in your freezer & make-ahead meal endeavors!

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Where this all began

As a newlywed working full-time, I was struggling to get good, nutritious meals on the table every night and we were spending WAY too much money on take-out and fast food!

I heard about the old “once-a-month-cooking” and gave it a try, and I was hooked! Making meals ahead of time was definitely the way to go for me. And that became even more important as we had kids join our family.

That was over 19 years ago, and I still do freezer meals to this day! My methods and plans have changed and evolved over the years to better fit our family’s particular circumstances. Plus, I love how preparing meals ahead of time has helped us save money over the years.